The first years of life are so important for baby’s development. As they grow, their brains and bodies are developing at a record pace. They need a lot of nutrients to help them meet their needs. Iron is one of those essential nutrients.

By the time babies are six months old, they’ve used up their iron stores from being born—so a food source is necessary in order to make sure they get enough. Health Canada recommends that first solid foods be iron-rich. By around 6 months of age, baby should be offered iron-rich foods two or more times a day. Read on for more important details about starting solids along with some helpful tips and advice from experts.

5 ways to offer your baby beef - parents canada

5 Ways To Offer Your Baby Beef


Gram for gram, beef is one of the richest sources of key nutrients that babies need to get from solid foods—iron in particular. Since babies have high iron requirements but...


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Spiced Prune and Beef Burger for Baby


This flavourful and moist burger is designed with your baby’s nutritional needs in mind. You can use any type of ground beef: extra-lean, lean, medium or regular. However, babies need...

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The One Nutrient Dietitians Don’t Want You to Miss When Starting Solids 


Starting your baby on solid food is a special milestone, but it can be met with a mix of emotions. You might feel sadness that your baby is growing older,...

Gearing up with Solids - with Nita Sharda, RD
Meats like beef are an excellent first food for baby.

Topics discussed include:
• Signs of readiness
• Best first foods for babies are iron-rich whole foods, like beef
• No need to wait to introduce meat
Tackling Textures - with Jessica Penner, RD
Jessica tackles the topic of what texture is best for baby, including options for beef.

Topics discussed include:
• What is baby-led weaning and how does it compare to traditional feeding
• How to prepare meat for baby
• Why texture progression is important to prevent picky eating
Every Bite Counts – with Nita Sharda, RD
Nita explains why “Food before 1 is not just for fun.”

Topics discussed include:
• Babies are small but their nutritional needs are high, so every bite matters
• Food before one year of age is critical for meeting baby’s nutritional needs and exposing baby to new textures
• Iron is particularly important since requirements skyrocket after 6 months of age
Baby at the Table – with Jessica Penner, RD
Transitioning baby to the family meal schedule

Topics discussed include:
• Should my baby be a on a meal schedule?
• Can my baby share in the family meals?
• Meal time as an opportunity to focus on iron
All about Milk – with Nita Sharda, RD
As baby gets older, how does milk intake change?

Topics discussed include:
• The evolving balance between food and milk intake as baby ages
• Ensuring milk consumption does not interfere with iron intake