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5 Ways To Offer Your Baby Beef

5 Ways To Offer Your Baby Beef - Parents Canada

Gram for gram, beef is one of the richest sources of key nutrients that babies need to get from solid foods—iron in particular. Since babies have high iron requirements but small appetites, you want to get as much bang out of each bite as you can.

You might be stumped on how to offer beef to your baby. Whether you feel more comfortable starting with purées or more adventurous and want to jump in to baby led weaning, there’s a beef texture that’s just perfect!

Beef Purée

If your baby is showing the signs of readiness and you’ve been given the go-ahead to start solids, puréed beef can be offered as early as four to six months old. Follow this simple recipe for baby’s first beef stew.

Beef Patties

Yes, your six-month-old baby can enjoy a burger with you! Or a meatball, or a kebab, or, or, or… the options are endless! Ground beef is a fantastic tool in the baby feeding toolbox because you can mold it into handheld shapes, and when babies put them into their mouths, they crumble apart! Here’s a spiced prune burger recipe for baby that also doubles up as a constipation fighter. #IFYKYK

Beef Bolognese

Make your favourite pasta sauce and you have a baby-friendly meal the whole family can enjoy together. As a bonus, beef bolognese is a delicious way to introduce your baby to the taste of veggies like zucchini, celery and mushrooms. Just skip the salt when cooking because babies shouldn’t have too much sodium; you can always salt your own dish afterwards.

Beef, but Shredded

Employ the help of your slow cooker or an electric pressure cooker to make tender, fall apart, shredded beef. The soft texture is great for a baby to munch on with their gums—no teeth required. Since small pieces can be challenging for a baby to pick up, this baby friendly shredded beef recipe works best for babies who are developing their pincer grasp. This usually occurs around eight months old. Beef blade steak or short ribs are perfect cuts to use for shredded beef.

Beef Liver

For a super boost of iron, cook up a piece of beef liver and mix it into your baby’s other food. Liver has more than double the iron than other cuts of beef. It’s also a very soft texture when cooked. A word of caution: Liver is also a high source of vitamin A, which can be toxic in large amounts for babies. As such, they shouldn’t consume more than one tablespoon of beef liver each week.

Beef, an Everyday Baby Food

With the exception of liver, beef can be served to your baby every day. Compared to adults, who only need maintenance doses of iron, babies need iron to support their growth and development. Coupled with their small tummies and appetites, it would be unlikely for them to over-consume.

Beef is a whole food that is incredibly rich in nutrients and enjoyed by people all over the world. If it’s something you eat at the family dinner table, be sure to share it with your baby too.

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