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Comic Relief: Toddler Meltdowns Winter 2017

Comic Relief: Toddler Meltdowns - Parents Canada

When it comes to a full-blown meltdown, there are always two sides to every story.

Toddler meltdowns winter 2017 - parents canada

Sunsets are so beautiful. I wanted to share the experience with my family- you know, have a special moment. But my mom told me there was no sunset. Come on. I wasn’t born yesterday, Mom. – Emmerson, 2
  • It was 4:30 in the afternoon. – JEN, MOM OF EMMERSON

I am so confused! Do I sleep? Do I stay awake? I feel so lost! – Cooper, 3

  • The sun and the moon were both visible in the sky. Cooper’s life fell apart. – HEATHER, MOM OF COOPER

There is another baby in my house trapped in a cage. No one will let him out. I am his only hope. – Ethan, 1

  • Ethan could see his reflection in the oven window and thought it was another child. – JULIE, MOM OF ETHAN

I don’t know if my mom was trying to embarrass me by not dressing me properly, but I looked ridiculous. I kept reminding her, “Arms! Arms!” and she did nothing to help. – Grace, 1

  • Ponchos don’t have armholes. This concept is lost on toddlers. – MELANIE, MOM OF GRACE

When a stranger stole my mom’s bag, I will admit that I lost my temper. I screamed: “That’s Mommy’s bag!” I’m very protective of my mother. – Jaxen, 2

  • My bag was being checked as we went through airport security. – SYDNEY,  MOM OF JAXEN

Today I tried something new with my hair and i nailed it. I showed my mom how pretty I was, but she disagreed and ruined my hair. Jealous, much? – Kaydence, 2

  • No. I am not jealous of a kid who styles her hair by rubbing yogurt through it. She lost her mind when I washed it out. – AMANDA, MOM OF KAYDENCE

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, Winter 2017.

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