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Potty training tips

Kandoo® Flushable Wipes are a handy helper for kids who are mastering toilet training and learning good hygiene habits. Here are some handy tips from Kandoo to help you with potty training your child.

- potty training tips

The Basics

Each child is different but the general age range to start potty training is 18-24 months.  Start by making positive associations with the toilet early on, such as showing your child how you sit on the toilet to go “potty” .


Establish a routine with your child that encourages them to use the potty throughout the day.


Potty training takes time and every child is different.  An abundance of patience is necessary…and a little laughter is helpful too.

Stay Positive

Even if nothing happens, help your child feel good about the process by providing positive reinforcement.  You can sing songs, clap hands or even give them stickers.

Washing your hands

Encourage healthy habits from the start by teaching your kids how to wash their hands.

You can find more great tips and strategies to help kids master their potty training and hygiene habits at

Kandoo Wipes: Helping little hands with toilet training and hygiene

They are made for kids, but parents will love them too.

Kandoo wipe tub sensitive - potty training tips

  • The perfect size for little hands (one wipe is about the size of two pieces of toilet paper)
  • Clean up to 30 percent better than toilet paper alone
  • Moistened with lotion to help ensure a thorough cleaning
  • Dispense easily (for kids and parents) with the push of a button from the pop-up tub
  • No unrolling or ripping
  • Flushable and biodegradable, they are safe for sewer and septic systems

“Kandoo wipes are essential for toddlers and children”, said Sheri McDonald, Kandoo parenting expert. “They’re just the right size for little hands, they dispense easily and they provide a better clean than toilet paper, which is great for kids who are still mastering the potty. They’re also great for on-the-go parents and any potty emergencies away from home.”

In addition to flushable wipes, Kandoo has a full personal care line that is kid-friendly with neon foaming soaps and tear free shampoos.

You can get more information about the complete line of Kandoo products at or connect with us on Twitter @KandooKids.


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