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Bathroom Etiquette

Dear Readers,

Hands up if you’ve ever hidden in the bathroom just to get a little peace and quiet. In my house, when a colleague or friend in need calls – requiring active listening – a finger stuck in the other ear is only so effective in blocking out the noise.. I’ve got kids playing the piano, a barking dog, kids calling for me, kids fighting, kids crying. So I retreat into the bathroom to take my calls.

But otherwise, the bathroom isn’t really a sanctuary for personal hygiene in our house. Mind you, my two beautiful daughters, 11 and 13, are not yet fully at the primping and preening stage. My husband and I are bracing for the days of shower hogging and pounding on the door. Yep, it’s a crowded space to be sure. In the mornings, I’m in the shower, the dog’s on the bath mat, one daughter is brushing her teeth while the other uses the toilet.

My husband, bless him, is making the coffee and has enough sense to wait until we’re all done. But at night, he and I are pretty blasé about personal space when we get ready for bed.

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Published in June 2010

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