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Celebrate Mother’s Day with ParentsCanada

My mother kept the Mother’s Day card I made
her in kindergarten for years, tucked away in her top dresser drawer. I know
because I used to snoop in my parents’ bedroom when I was little and occasionally
made sure my mother still had it. I liked knowing she kept it.

The best gift I ever received for Mother’s
Day? Easy – my daughter. On Mother’s Day 1996 I went into labour.  Unfortunately, her timing was a little
off and she hung on for three aggravating days until the hospital finally let
me stay. This was before some brilliant mother came up with the concept of a
push present (a what?) and I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from my
husband for my efforts.

I have since received some delightful hand-made
Mother’s Day gifts that still adorn my dresser – my younger daughter’s
handprint lovingly framed; a wall hanging of a cluster of woolly god’s eyes
with a school portrait stuck in the centre. I should probably get rid of them
since my children have made me much finer things since then, but I can’t quite
bring myself to do it, despite watching several episodes of Hoarders.

In our May/June issue we’re delighted to
bring back our crafts page, just in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
Check out our easy gift ideas and start your own collection!

Janice Biehn



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