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January 2011

Janice - january 2011I recently heard a procrastination expert talking on the radio about the folly of New Year’s Resolutions. The holidays are the worst time to try and change old patterns, he argued. Why set goals for yourself during the time of year that, for many, can be stressful and wrapped in puff pastry nibblies? Change will only happen when you’re ready to make it, not by any magical date on the calendar.
Agreed. So I will not resolve to lose weight or be more active this holiday season. That’s settled.
Instead, I would like to confess some of my bad parenting habits, and by naming them, I might be chagrined into changing them in 2011:

  • Refereeing – Too often I get dragged into my daughters’ fights. They’re 12 and 14 and I have to learn to leave them be.
  • Yelling – I absolutely HATE it when I lose my cool, which inevitably happens when I’m refereeing (see above).
  • Being impatient – Why do my kids always need my help? Oh yeah, because they’re kids. I keep forgetting.
  • Being a maid – Why do my kids always throw their stuff on the floor and not pick up after themselves? Oh yeah, because I always do it for them. I keep forgetting.

Believe me, there are lots more parenting mistakes I make all the time, but this is enough confession for one day.
One parenting mistake I’ve managed to avoid is being a Bad Hockey Parent, as described by Wendy Helfenbaum in our November/December issue on page 70. Check out Dave Whammond’s hilarious illustration. Still up for grabs is a fantastic hockey prize pack. Click here for details on how to win.
ParentsCanada is launching Me&Mom magazine in 2011, a new publication focussing on parenting children during the first three years. New moms need your help and advice!

We have other great prizes to win this month.
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