Kid Whisperer: Being Invisible

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What would you do if you were invisible?  We asked school kids to use their imaginations and tell us what they’d try to get away with.

“I would go in my back yard and play with water guns. I could get everyone soaking wet and no one could see me do it! And no one could get me wet, either.”


“If someone was walking along and they were going to step on a bug, I would run over and pick it up and save the bug from getting squished!”

“I would go to a toy store and take all the toys that were there!”

“If no one could see me, I would like to drive a car somewhere. I don’t know where. But it would look like no one was driving the car and that would be really funny! I can’t drive yet though.”

“I would go inside someone’s body and move them around! Or I could tickle them.”
ALI, 7

“If I were invisible I would break everything in the house and blame it on my brother! He would
be in big trouble.”

“I’d like to play hide and seek with my brother and my sister and I could be standing right there
in the worst hiding place but they couldn’t see me so it would be a really good hiding place! Or at night when they’re sleeping I’d get all the stinky shoes in the house and pile them on their beds!”

“Maybe I would come to school but then my teacher would be really surprised when she took attendance and I said ‘here!’ if she couldn’t see me. But then I could go home and she’d never know! I know how to get home by myself.”

“When my mom was in the kitchen cooking at the stove I could go right up behind her and scare her! But she might jump and burn herself on the stove. That wouldn’t be good.”

“I would go to Disney World and I could go to the front of all the lines and no one would see me. I could ride on all the rides without waiting and meet all the characters too!”

“If I were invisible I’d go to a pizza place and eat all the pizza before it even got delivered to people. And they’d look for it and it would be missing!”

“If I were invisible I would go into a place and someone would say, ‘Who are you?’ and I would say ‘I’m a ghost!’ and I’d make all these scary ghost sounds like, (entire class) ‘Woooooooooo!’
and they would say, ‘Hello, ghost!’ and then I’d get my invisible jet packs and fly away!”

“I would get a snake and then at midnight I would go into someone’s room and put a snake in their bed!”

“I like to go to the bowling alley with my friends, so if I could turn invisible, I’d run beside the bowling balls and make sure that it would knock all the pins down and everyone got a strike!” TYLER, 6

“I would go to the zoo and let all the animals out! But not the tigers.”

“I would carry my cat around and it would look like he was floating in the air!”

Published June 2010

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