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My Sunday Best

Last Sunday, as I was heading off to get some bread, my 15-year-old daughter said “Mom, don’t wear that to the bakery!” I had a look: black yoga pants, newly purchased from Costco (and never once downward dogged in); turquoise T-shirt with bead detail, also from Costco, but very old; and beige slip-on sneakers. OK, a little bit of an odd combo. And I had been gardening in that outfit most of the day so it was, shall we say, a little damp. Little did she know, I wore the same fetching ensemble when I went to the train station earlier that day.

Thank goodness Canadians are not eligible for the TLC program What Not To Wear, because I’m sure my daughters would put me on it.

Occasionally I get lured into watching the show with them (my husband can’t abide it, and one of us has to know what our children are watching). I admit, I have learned a few things from hosts Stacy and Clinton on body proportions and sizing, chiefly, “Volume is not your friend!”

But the part that always gets me is the hidden video of women as they shuffle off to the store, to post a letter, or to walk the dog. That’s what I look like when I’m hanging around the ‘hood. I understand it’s important to look “put together” most of the time, but hey, that’s why they call it loungewear. Luckily for my kids, I don’t get out of the car when it’s my turn to drive.

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