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Ontario College of Teachers

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Ontario college of teachers - ontario college of teachers 

A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter started JK.

I thought it would be easier than when her big sister started a few years back, but in the end, it was just as difficult.  Speaking to other moms, I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really get any easier to give up your babies.

One way we have it easy this time around though, is that my V went into the class her big sister just left, with an amazing teacher that we have grown to think of as part of the family.

Having a teacher you can trust is so important. This is the person you are entrusting with your child, with their minds, their educations, and with their emotional well being.

That’s why the work being done by the Ontario College of Teachers is so important.

The Ontario College of Teachers was established in 1997 to allow teachers to regulate and govern their own profession in the public interest. Teachers who want to work in publicly funded schools in Ontario must be certified to teach in the province and be members of the College in good standing.

The Ontario College of Teachers makes sure that your child(ren) are in the very best hands by making sure all teachers are following standards of practice and conduct, providing ongoing professional learning opportunities, and by ensuring that teachers receive the right tools to help their children achieve great things.

They even have a Find A Teacher directory that allows you to search for anyone who has been certified to teach in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. You can see a teacher’s qualifications, date of initial certification, status with the College, and even disciplinary history, if applicable.

You can read the College’s own publication, Professionally Speaking, that is full of relevant information to draw on, including videos and articles about great teachers.  Or check out the YouTube channel with videos that celebrate great teachers (maybe you know some of them!) and help explain the College’s mandate.

With so much emotion and uncertainty surrounding our children’s first years of education, its nice to know that we have the Ontario College of Teachers on our side to help make sure that the people directly responsible for their learning, are doing the best possible job.

I also signed up for the free College newsletter, The Standard. It’s an easy way to keep me up to date on College news as well as the latest educational and legislative changes that affect public education. It even has links to online resources, like book reviews for every age and stage, and educational videos and apps.

You can find out more about the Ontario College of Teachers and all that they do on their website, www.oct.ca.

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