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Superhero Powers: from The Kid Whisperer

Kidwhispersp09 - superhero powers: from the kid whisperer

“I’d like to shrink really tiny so no one could see me. Then I’d sneak up people’s pants and tickle them! Or I could crawl in their noses. Except then when they sneezed they would blow me right out!” Sam S., 6

“I would change cats into puppies, because I love puppies. They’re so cute! When we’re done talking about superheroes can we talk about puppies?” Samantha W., 6

“I’d make holes in things, like the ground, and capture people in the holes – just the bad ones; not the good ones. The good ones could jump out again so they don’t have to be in there with the bad ones.” Spencer L., 7

“I could do what I really want. Maybe every time there were bad guys I would call the police and they’d get caught. I’d like to fight the bad guys.” Azeem K., 7

“I’d throw fire at the bad guys but I’d have to be careful so I don’t burn myself. And I want to fly, too.” Joseph K., 6

“If I was a superhero, I’d be able to breathe under the water then I could see all the fish. Or I could just hang around in the bottom of the pool and not have to come up to breathe. There are squids, you know, in the bottom of the ocean. I don’t like them.” Jake F., 5

“I’d make some machines – really big machines with lots of things on them. Then I could control bad guys with my machines.” Madeleine B., 6

“My superhero powers would be that I’d like to turn everything into chocolate. Like desks and chairs and my teacher and everything. I would turn them into chocolate and I would eat them!” Bridget H., 6

“The best powers would be flying powers. I’d have sparkly green feathers for flying. Maybe I would go up to the moon or in volcanoes, but the fire would burn me!” Jenny W., 5

“I think it would be the best thing to be like a genie and grant everyone’s wishes! Then I’d be a princess and everyone would give me presents so I would grant their wishes! I could wear a princess dress. I could wish any princess thing I want! Maybe even a crown! And pink shoes. And a magic wand!” Maria V., 5

“For my superhero powers I’d turn really big and run really fast. Then I can kick the bad guys’ butts.” Jen D., 7

“I’d like to be invisible! Then I could spy on people and trick them. I could trick my mom by turning the TV on and off and she wouldn’t know it was me! Or I could eat all the Cheezies and no one would know it was me.” Liza A., 5

“I’d be really spiky and then I could roll around into people and I could spike them. They’d get caught. Like a porcupine.” William B., 6

“I would be super big. Then I could walk through towns and stuff. And I could stomp on bad guys. Or maybe they’d be scared to see me coming ‘cause I’d be so big. Then they’d just run away and I wouldn’t have to squish them.” Chad W., 7

“I’d keep the good people safe and make sure the bad guys go away.” Samira T., 6

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