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Thoughts from Janice – Dec 2011

Recently my husband and children and I were
driving to a wedding and picking up my parents on the way.

Typically, we were
running late. “Do you have their cell number to call them?” asked my daughter.
“No, I don’t. But Grandma and Grandpa know we’re coming. They’ll wait
patiently.” Like we did in the olden days before cell phones. The 80s.

Call it the curse of modern technology. In
some ways it’s allowed our kids to be more independent, but in other ways, it’s
made us more tethered to them. When I was a kid it was harder to check in with
my parents, so it simply wasn’t expected. But today, if I’m running late to
pick them up from somewhere, they call looking for me. If our daughters aren’t
home when we expect them, we call or text them. How did my mother survive not
knowing where I was at all times?

While we ponder such deep questions here at
the ParentsCanada office, we’re revving up for an exciting 2012. We’re expanding
to eight issues from six. Online, we’ve revamped our website and have
increased our social media presence with our Facebook page and Twitter
. Make 2012 the year you resolve to connect with us!

Janice Biehn

Managing Editor


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