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Thoughts from Janice: Driving Review of Subaru Forester and Legacy

The nice people at Subaru invited me to test-drive the Forester 2.5X and the Legacy 2.5i. Both have earned awards for safety and boast high fuel efficiency.

The Forester was a hit with my family for its mid-range Small SUV size and shape. We’re used to a large minivan and a mid-size sedan, so the Forester felt grippy and sporty by comparison. Of course the standard transmission took some getting used to (only stalled it a few times), but it made it fun to bomb around in. The Forester has a fairly short first gear, but very smooth shifting to higher gears, making highway driving easy. The best thing about the small SUV is the cargo space. Lots of room for hockey bags, groceries and other equipment, but it still fit in our garage more comfortably than the minivan. In the week I had it, I logged about 400 km on one tank of gas, obviously much better than the 13-year-old sedan I’m currently driving.

The Legacy is a mid-size sedan with what automotive journalists refer to as nice “fit and finish”. The trunk space is much larger than you’d think. There are plenty of cup holders even in the back seat, which impressed the children I carpool. The front seat console is loaded with nooks and crannies to make it easy to keep cell phone and iPods in place when it seems like you’re living in your car. “This is intense,” said my 12-year-old when she started exploring all the different compartments. The Legacy offered a smooth and responsive ride.

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