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Thoughts from Janice – Feb 2012

With Valentine’s Day
smack in the middle of February, it’s no surprise that long ago the
federal government established it as Heart Health month.

our kids innocently draw hearts and cut out cupids and send out
valentines, we can think up new ways to hide vegetables in their food
and ensure they are getting their requisite amount of daily activity.

at ParentsCanada we love a good band wagon, so our upcoming
February/March issue focuses on family health. In the meantime, we’re
giving you a sneak peek at a couple of our Matters of the Heart
articles: Valentine treats kids can make with mom and dad and the Single Parent Dating Guide, for those of you looking for love the second time around.

also like you to take a minute to learn more about your own heart
health at the Heart Truth website, an initiative of the Heart and Stroke
foundation (www.thehearttruth.ca). Your loved ones will thank you for it!

Janice Biehn



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