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Janice Biehn, Managing Editor ParentsCanada MagazineEvery day I’m thankful that I live in a region where the seasons change. I suppose if I moved to Florida I’d get used to it, but somewhere in my family’s DNA code, I’ve been conditioned to crave the cooler temperatures, the muted light and the greyer skies that fall brings.
But I could live without my daughter’s 7 a.m. basketball practices that require getting up before the sun. “Why is it so dark?” she asked me this morning as she slipped on her sneakers to head out the door. We’re trying to not be helicopter parents and would like our children to be less dependent on our chauffeur service, but sending her out into the dark seemed just a little cruel. In a rare moment of generosity, I offered to drive her to school, softening as I remembered my father driving me to my practices, or perhaps imagining myself in a Tim Hortons ad.
Driving kids is certainly one thing I have in common with my parents, but the concept of “play dates” is probably foreign to them. When I was a kid, I just went outside and found someone to play with. Our kids, on the other hand, never wandered over to the neighbour’s house for some toy action. All playtime was scheduled and arranged.
In this survey, we invite you to tell us about your experience with play dates, as our stay-at-home mom and working mom weigh in on the subject in our November/December issue. Two winning respondents will receive a T-fal Air Grip Cookware set of pots and pans, valued at $199 each, and a third winner will receive a SodaStream Eco Carbonated Water Maker, valued at $199.

Play Date Survey

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