Danielle Graham talks motherhood, must-have baby products and celebrities

By ParentsCanada on November 20, 2017

As an anchor of CTV's eTalk, Danielle Graham spends her days around celebrities, but the biggest star in her life is one-year-old daughter Beatrix.

Parents Canada: Best thing about working on an entertainment show?

Daniel Graham: The fact that every day is different at eTalk, and you never know what the next interview or assignment could be.

PC: The celebrity you still want to interview?

DG: Bette Midler. Beaches is still my favourite movie of all time.

PC: Your thoughts on #askhermore?

DG: I feel like we at eTalk have always "asked more." Our focus is to ask smart and insightful questions. We are a show that regularly celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of women.

PC: Your latest binge-watch?

DG: The Night Of

PC: Date night for you looks like?

DG:We’re simple people. My husband and I love good food and great cocktails. I will always choose a taco spot or my favourite Italian restaurant. He’ll typically choose a steak house. And we’ll inevitably end up talking about Beatrix (and how she’s The G.O.A.T) and spend the night looking at pictures of her on our phones.

PC: The beauty product you can’t live without?

DG: Tinted Moisturizer. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder.

PC: Your morning drink/your evening drink?

DG: A.M.: Water, then coffee. P.M.: Wine then water.

PC: Favourite country to visit?

DG: Thailand

PC: People would be surprised to know that you?

DG: Can’t cartwheel. I’m an excellent parallel parker. I hate wind of any kind (fans, open windows, air vents). I had never seen Star Wars until I met my husband six years ago.

PC: What you wish someone had told you about motherhood?

DG: That breastfeeding can be really difficult and it’s not as “natural” as we’re led to believe. I had a very tough time with Beatrix. It was a painful experience for me both physically and emotionally.

PC: Words of wisdom for moms going back to work after baby?

DG:That the first day is the hardest, but it gets a little easier each day. And that holding your baby at the end of the day is the greatest feeling in the world.

PC: The parenting task your husband does better than you do?

DG: Definitely not dressing her! He’s really good an anticipating when she might barf. And catching it when she does. It’s a skill unique to Randall (a.k.a “The Barf Whisperer”).

PC: My must-have baby products?

DG: Cocoonababy Sleep Nest and Keekaroo Peanut Changer. The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit was a game changer for sleeping through the night and I adore our Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller.


eTalk airs weeknights at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and the CTV Go App.

​Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, Winter 2017.

By ParentsCanada| November 20, 2017

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