Bettie Bradley


Here’s a thought: How I handled a teacher issue

I remember thinking that I had covered all the bases to make my young son’s first school experience wonderful. So, all was in place to ensure a healthy, happy school experience. What could possibly go wrong?

Using privileges to teach politeness

Author Jennifer Koontz suggests you can raise kind, well-mannered kids with no yelling, no spanking and no time-outs.

Grandma’s View: How to deal with a whiner

Take a look at yourself and figure out whether you're a whiner, if so, you need to deal with it.

Grandma’s View: Parents need to watch for when teasing becomes bullying

It's time for adults to take action and come in from the sidelines.

Grandma’s view: Restaurant manners to teach your kids

You’re going to a restaurant with your kids. Is this going to end well? Will diners at neighbouring tables (maybe it will be me) send non-verbal messages of disapproval? Most kids are taught to say please and thank you, but there are behaviour subtleties that get overlooked. When these little extras are well learned...

Grandma’s View: Mom is still the head of the household

Gender inequality remains within today's families.

Grandma’s View: Gammy it hurts! Emotional pain is real

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” That old chestnut may have helped many children survive elementary school dust-ups, but it turns out, it may be wrong. When our kids’ feelings are hurt, we feel their pain and try to help them ...

Grandma’s View: Why Cows Lie Down

We look, but we don’t always see There were lessons that were not well learned when I was raising my three kids. One was that I didn’t always hear their words because I was so busy spouting my own. “Be quiet! Listen to me!” Today, when I hear a grandchild...

Grandma’s View: Gammy, Let’s Play!

Grandchildren seem more able to accept age limitations than adult children. I’m older than a lot of grandparents and have made an astonishing discovery. Very small children pick up on the limitations and possibilities of the adults in their lives. Tiny tots learn to ‘read’ these adult VIPs very early...

Grandma’s View: Superstitious Tendencies

How much of our character and personality is passed on to our kids through our genes and how much through observation? I’m a worrywart. My oldest daughter is a worrywart. And she blames me. So here’s the question; did she learn this behaviour by living with me and, like measles,...