Erin Dym


How to handle if your tween tries shoplifting

Shoplifting can lure even the best behaved kids.

What to do if (when) your tween reverts to terrible twos

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My family’s Chevy getaway

When I was invited to test drive the new 2015 Chevy Tahoe, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be too big? Would I be able to handle it? Would my kids be comfortable in it?

Stock up your medicine cabinet

Being prepared is the best medicine, so keep your pantry full and avoid late-night trips to the pharmacy.

Passports and other important documents for babies

Get all your travel documents in order first.

When your little toddler likes to bite

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Help for your tween’s headaches

Frequent headaches can be a pain.

Don’t stress about losing that baby weight

Obsessing over losing that baby weight? Give it time.

Proper eating habits start early

Avoid mealtime meltdowns by encouraging good eating habits from day one.

Straight talk about Hypospadias, a rare penile condition

Overcoming the stigma of a common birth defect in boys.