Baby Name Finder

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is an important decision. Let us inspire you with our lists of past trends and pretty titles.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Eighty percent of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (or NVP), so here are some ways to deal with your morning sickness.

Easy Hummus

Because hummus is a smooth operator that's fun to dunk and swipe, keep a jar of his homemade version in the fridge as a sneaky, protein-filled snack.

Nursery Water

Trusted by parents for over 70 years, this isn't just any regular water. Purified using steam distillation, this process removes impurities in the water. Next an infusion of ozone is added to remove any remaining bacteria so you can add it to formula or a sippy cup...

Maple Leaf Natural Top Dogs

Forget the parent guilt associated with feeding your kids hot dogs. Maple Leaf Natural Top Dogs are made with premium meat and natural ingredients, nothing artificial. So let your kids have the food they love made with ingredients that parents love. With five varieties including Original, BBQ, Chicken, Less Salt and...

Famous Baby Name Pseudonyms

Name changing is a common practice among those in the entertainment industry, where a great-sounding name equals a great public image and star appeal.

Tips On How To Choose A Baby Name

Only you can decide what factors are important when you name your baby. Maybe you want your child named after a relative or friend. Perhaps you want an unusual name. Whatever your choice, here are some practical guidelines.

Spiced Lamb with Mango Sauce

Looking for new and unique holiday entertaining ideas? Canada's best chefs and cookbook authors share favourite recipes from their own kitchens. Originally from a small village in Punjab, India, Bal Arneson learned how to cook from her elders when she was just seven years old, over coals in a small...