Sara Curtis


Teach your kids patience early on

It is possible for your preschooler to learn how to be patient.

How to keep up with your kids’ social media habits

Understanding social media lets you help your tween develop a healthy relationship with technology.

It’s normal for kids to explore opposite-gender roles

When David Pelletier was young, there was only one thing to do during the winter in his hometown of Sayabec, a small community of about 1,800 in Eastern Quebec: skate. For most of the boys, that meant hockey, and for the girls it meant figure skating. For David, it...

Talking about menstruation

Talk to your daughter about menstruation before she learns about it elsewhere.

Graduating from one car seat to the next

When it comes to graduating from one car seat to the next, there's no rush.

Acne on your baby?

What's that on your baby's beautiful face... could it be acne?

Keep your child’s bones healthy

Bone up on your child's skeletal needs.

Will preemies hit milestones at the same time as full-term babies?

Look in any baby book, or on any parenting website, and you’ll find a milestone calendar – a list of developmental goals, both cognitive and physical, and the approximate age at which your baby should achieve them. But what if your baby was born premature? Is he or she still...

Could your child’s behaviour be related to a mental health issue?

Every day, you watch your daughter on the playground and it's becoming increasingly apparent that something is not right. She just doesn’t seem to “get” the other children. Often, she stands outside groups of children, looking in forlornly. When she does play with others, she overreacts to even the slightest...

Seal the Deal: Do dental sealants prevent cavities?

You make sure your kids brush on a regular basis, avoid sticky candy and rinse their mouths with water after eating sugary treats if they can’t brush their teeth. You even wrangle with those little kid-friendly flossers from time to time. Is there anything else you could be doing...