Yvonne Camus


Pouring Over the Facts of Milk

As people become more aware of our diverse range of food choices, alternatives to cow’s milk are increasing in popularity. Alternative milks are nutritious, often including the Vitamin D and calcium we usually see in cow’s milk, as well as other nutrients (see below). Be careful though; some brands...

Being label conscious: How to read nutrition labels

There are many claims made in big, bright print on the front of food packages, but don’t be fooled. Your best source of information is the nutrition label.

Sodium: How much is enough?

Sodium is an essential element of our diet. Having salt in our diet is important; the challenge lies in knowing how much is enough, and how much is too much.

Give your kids their daily fruit servings in a smoothie

Get your kids to slurp up their daily fruit servings, and maybe a little more.

Why the family needs a fibre-rich diet

The “bran” jokes seem to start when we turn 40, but getting enough fibre is just as important to your child’s health as it is to yours.

Probiotics: The good bacteria

Probiotics are now mainstream – we can get them in our yogurt, juices, soymilk and even chewing gum. But do we need them and are they safe?

Healthy Beverages

Drinking fluids is a part of a healthy daily routine. The challenge presented to us as parents is to keep our kids hydrated but avoid the pitfalls of sugary, nutrient-void beverages that end up doing more harm than good. Kids who fill up on sugary drinks tend to get too many liquid calories, (almost...