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How to Help a Teething Baby—Naturally

How to Help a Teething Baby Naturally - Parents Canada

Teething is a difficult process, with painful and sometimes confusing symptoms. And the worst part? You can’t avoid it! But you can make it easier on your little one with age-old tips and tricks to soothe sore gums. 

Understanding teething 

Teething is the process of a child cutting their primary teeth—sometimes called milk teeth or baby teeth. The teeth are already present above the gumline at birth but they descend further into the jaw and pierce through the gums around six months, on average.  Teething usually ends before your baby’s third birthday.   

For most babies (and their parents!), teething is a tough time.  There are myriad uncomfortable symptoms that can accompany the growth of each tooth and make everyday life very challenging.  Frequent symptoms including the following: 

  • gum pain 
  • increased saliva 
  • crying, irritability, difficult to soothe 
  • waking up during the night 
  • diarrhea 
  • diaper rash 

These symptoms range in intensity.  The pattern is usually that these indications appear four days before the tooth erupts, and last up to three days after appearance of the tooth.   

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Our tips and tricks to help relieve your baby naturally 

Symptoms of teething are not to be considered an illness but a natural process.  That means you can rest assured there’s nothing really wrong and work on how to soothe your little one. (Of course if you suspect your baby is ill above and beyond teething, or even if you’re unsure if the symptoms are teething-related, it’s best to see your family physician.) 

Homeocan teething unit doses

Often teething symptoms can be addressed naturally. Homeocan proposes two indispensable natural remedies to help soothe your baby. Natural, dye-free, sugar-free and with no side effects, Teething Oral Solution and Teething Unit-doses are excellent remedies for teething trouble. Teething Oral Solution, contains Chamomilla and Arnica Montana—both remedies help relieve pain and swelling of gums (plus it has a great-tasting orange flavour!).  Teething Unit-doses are homeopathic remedies that are practical and easy to use, at home or on the go.  You can combine the two products to relieve your baby’s first symptoms. 

To complement these natural remedies, here are some helpful tips to help ease your babe’s discomfort: 

– Freeze breast milk in a popsicle mold. The cold, as well as the pressure on the gums from biting down on the popsicle, will relieve pain. 

Baby with homeocan teething unit doses

– Massage the gums delicately with a baby toothbrush. You can also use a clean washcloth dipped in cold, sterilized water 

– Freeze a rubber teething ring and give to your baby to chew.  The cold and the texture will soothe their painful gums. 

Teething can be a difficult and arduous process, but with a little luck (and some natural help!) you and your little one will be through it in no time.

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