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Pregnancy nostalgia

I found myself nostalgic around the time my son was nearing his first birthday. I began reminiscing about the weeks before he was born, when I was pregnant and on the precipice of change. There was so much uncertainty – and a scary, yet sweet anticipation wondering what it might be like to be parents.

Our son is a newly-turned, one-year-old and I still miss the kicks and jabs of new life.  I often place my hands on my belly and recall counting down the days until we would meet our baby. We’d go to sleep at night and say, maybe tonight’s the night! Then wake up and say, maybe today’s the day! 


The body is a miraculous thing. It was quite astounding how my belly grew and grew and grew until quite literally, I felt as though I would pop!


Sure there were bumps along the way: nausea, food aversions, carpal tunnel, swelling, sleepless nights. But it was worth it. An incredible journey that produced such a wonderful gift!

Do you miss being pregnant?

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