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3 Ways A Video Game Console Can Help You Connect As A Family

3 Ways A Video Game Console Can Help You Connect As A Family - Parents Canada

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3 ways a video game console can help you connect as a family - parents canada

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Video game systems offer more than ever to a busy household—they can be a way for parents to connect with their kids, and even for couples to connect, by way of a gaming session or a family movie night.

In the age of technological bombardment, parents are sometimes resistant to the idea of bringing a game system into their homes —they worry about it being a distraction or another demand for time on their already time-strapped families. They envision their kids being too wrapped up in a game to participate in family life. But, parents, this is far from the truth, and systems like Xbox One can have a real, positive impact on your kiddos and your relationships with them (and with each other!). Read on to find out how.

Find common ground

We’ve all been there. You ask about your child’s day, only to get an obligatory “fine” or “good.” Newsflash: Many adults find it easier to engage in conversation while taking part in an activity, and children are no exception. Choose a multi-player, quest type of game to give you and your child a platform for bonding, as you work together to problem-solve, and take the opportunity to listen and connect. The game may provide enough of a buffer for a kiddo who has difficulty sharing to open up more easily.

Make family memories

Video games don’t have to be a single-player experience in a room away from others. Make it a family affair! Choose a general level, appropriate-for-all-ages game and set up a round-robin tournament. Similar to a family board game night, a video game night has the potential to bring your family together and create memories your kids will treasure. Keep it coming with a steady stream of snacks, and have a couple of different game options on hand to keep the fun going. For the ultimate game night, Xbox Game Pass ($11.99 a month) provides unlimited access to more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles (including new Xbox exclusive titles , available on the day they launch!). And if your brood loves a game enough to want to own it forever, you can purchase it and save up to 20% on the store price.

Connect as a couple

Who says the kids should have all the fun? Playing video games together is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day. Pour a glass of wine and challenge one another to a virtual faceoff. You can also connect to apps and entertainment services like Netflix, Spotify and the Microsoft Store to grab a newly released movie, a classic TV show or a game you’ll love. On Xbox, there’s something for everyone.

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