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5 benefits to becoming a family that runs

5 benefits to becoming a family that runs - Parents Canada

5 benefits to becoming a family that runs - parents canada

If you’re thinking about encouraging your family to be more active, running can be an easy and inexpensive sport to get into. But it’s not just about the physical steps you take—consider the following additional benefits as well.

Family activity
Create a family fitness goal and make up a schedule. Because, just think, you’re scheduling so much more than exercise this way — you’re also slating in time with the kids and (usually) getting some fresh air.

You’ll want to start eating right, to make sure you have the strength and energy to get in a good run. I love to include a product like Dempster’s 100% Whole Grains Seed Lover’s Bread with Chia in my breakfast routine.

While running, you’ll get to know your neighbourhood better, and you’ll explore trails and paths you aren’t able to access with a car.

Sleep better
Research shows that exercise is a stress reliever, and with less stress comes better sleep. Less stress is (obviously) good for every member of the family.

Feel a sense of accomplishment
There’s no participation trophy for running, I know, but increasing your endurance or going farther distances is still a reward worth striving for. You can always plan special family events to celebrate when you reach running milestones as a family.

Saftey first

Check with your doctor first to talk about your running plan and address any serious issues. It’s great to be excited, but don’t expect to run a 5, 10, or even 3K run your first time out the gate. Start slow, and be patient with yourself.

No one knows your body better than you do, so push yourself but know when to stop. Each day that you run can be different, too. One day a 5K might feel like a breeze and the next day you might struggle to finish just 3K. Know your fitness limits and remember that if a run isn’t going to happen, you can still get out and do some other cardio with the family to keep those muscles limber.

On September 23rd, my husband, son-in-law and I will be lacing up our sneakers to take part in the Global Energy Race by Dempster’s at Ashbridge’s Bay Park in Toronto. This run benefits the North York Harvest Food Bank. For every kilometre completed by participants, Dempster’s will donate two slices of bread.

The Global Energy Race is held consecutively on the same day in 23 countries, celebrating physical activity, health and wellness.

To sign up, visit Registration is open until September 21, 2018.

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for this run, and as such, this post is sponsored. Opinions and insights are my own.

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