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Actress Gena Lee Nolin teaches her kids to ‘give back’

Celebrity Baby Scoop celebrity guest blogger, Gena Lee Nolin, talks about the importance of teaching our kids to give back to the community.

The former Baywatch star, 41, admits her family struggled to make ends meet when she was a kid. Now Nolin feels it’s crucial to teach her own children the importance of a strong work ethic and giving back to others less fortunate. “My parents worked hard to provide, and there were many holidays when people helped us out with food — and even one year giving us a Christmas tree,” says Gena. “My job as a mother is to teach my children how to give with compassion — the way I had been taught early in life. It’s so easy to be judgmental. But who are we to judge and really, who are we, if we’re coming from a place of entitlement?”

Gena says last year, her family took part with Toys for Tots. “We buy gifts, wrap them ourselves and hand deliver them to the children. We hope you join us this year in helping others,” she says. “It can be as simple as giving extra canned goods to another family. In doing so, you’ve not only helped someone out, but taught your own child the gift of giving.”

“Having my kids see firsthand how important one small gift means to another child is priceless,” she says. “Let me tell you, all this iPad talk goes out the window in a quick hurry. It’s a quiet ride home and the feeling of our blessings overwhelm us with joy.”

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