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Actress Kate Flannery talks about playing Meredith, Steve Carell, bankruptcy, sexism in Hollywood and more

It’s Meredith from The Office! Actress Kate Flannery and I have a blast covering a colorful spectrum of topics and people, like:

  • Playing Meredith
  • Waitressing (while acting!)
  • Steve Carell, Jon Favreau and Bob Odenkirk
  • Her dad’s Irish bar
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fame (and fortune?)
  • Therapy
  • Dating a man who hung out in the “bathroom” of The Office
  • Sexism in Hollywood – and in restaurant kitchens
  • Celebrity chefs
  • Ed Asner
  • Archie Bunker
  • Being lucky

You’ll feel like you’re hanging out with friends who have so much to say and so little time to say it.

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