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Actress Lauren Holly: “I really wanted to raise my boys in a place where ‘celebrity’ wasn’t important.”

Actress Lauren Holly recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about raising her three sons (Azer, 13, George, 12, and Henry, 11), her move to Canada and her upcoming projects. When asked about life with her sons, she shares, “Life NEVER slows down. I feel so loved, as do they. We are quite a team. Up early, we always eat a hot breakfast together even though there are three departure times to three different schools. While they are in school, I run around and do errands, have auditions, workout – whatever needs to get done. Mondays and Fridays friends come home with them from school; Tuesdays one takes singing. Wednesdays and Saturdays they all play lacrosse. Thursdays they all have music lessons – the singer is lead guitar, then I have a bass player and a drummer, but they say no chance of a boy band. Since every other day is a crazy pace, Sunday is veg day.” When asked what her boys would say she’s like as a mom, Holly says, “Probably tough – I have a lot of rules – but also fun and spontaneous. Either we pick a fun activity for the day like going out on ATVs, go carts, or skiing. Or we stay in PJs, make popcorn and watch movies.”

On her move to Canada, Lauren says, “I really wanted to raise my boys in a place where ‘celebrity’ wasn’t important, and where I could be closer to where I grew up (upstate NY). I love it here — it reminds me of my childhood. It seems more open minded and inclusive, and I love the seasons. You can see Lauren, who plays Dr. Betty Rogers, in the CTV television drama Motive and in her new movies Field of Lost Shoes and Hoovey.

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