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American Olympic Hurdler Lashinda Demus: “Rio Olympics 2016 will be my last Olympics, so every day when I’m training, Rio is on

Celebrity Baby Scooprecently caught up with American Olympic Hurdler Lashinda Demus to talk about her twin boys, Rio Olympics 2016, and her new venture GoWomanGo.com.  When asked about her boys, Lashinda said, “Even though they are twins, they are totally different.  Duaine is older by a minute and he takes being the older brother very seriously. He’s into sports but doesn’t really enjoy practicing, this is something I will continue to work on with him.  He likes basketball, swimming, soccer, and hockey. Dontay on the other hand has hard work engraved in him already, and he wants to be the best. It’s scary to see this in a child so young because I was exactly the same way, and it can be stressful!

When asked how Lashinda balances life with a career and twin boys, she shares, “It has always been challenging for me to balance the two. I struggle with this presently. I always question if I’m giving enough time, am I loving enough, or just am a good mom? I think this can affect your career in many ways because you always feel like you are neglecting one for the other. I’ve learned to be at peace with knowing for sure I’m completely doing my best. That’s a truth I can hold on to.”

You’ll see Lashinda next at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She says, “It will definitely be my last Olympics, but I can’t say that for competing.  It depends on how my body is doing and other factors that tie into training. But it will be my last Olympics, so every day when I’m training, Rio is on my mind.”  She has also launched her new website GoWomanGo.com where she can share the lessons she has learned as an athlete, a daughter, a wife, a mother and a fellow woman on the journey through life.

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