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Amy Hargreaves talks Homeland and 13 Reasons Why

Homeland & 13 Reasons Why actress Amy Hargreaves has opinions about the
‘glamorizing suicide’ controversy surrounding her mega-hit Netflix show AND
what’s up with Carrie Mathison and her babe Franny. She breaks down both shows and chats about a bounty of things you never knew about herself — like why she sometimes
ducks into a closet, why you know her voice but aren’t sure why, and why
she was called into her kids’ principal’s office. You’ll see she’s not your
typical girl-next-door. The New York native, dual citizen (France & US) and
political enthusiast has a wild streak. And after decades acting in oodles
of films and TV shows, she’s waving her wild flag by dipping her toe into
riskier roles.

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