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Angela Kinsey dishes on her daughter and dual parenting

The Office star Angela Kinsey recently chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about daughter Isabel, 4, her non-traditional relationship with her ex-husband and her new sitcom, Dirty Blondes.

Kinsey says daughter Isabel is quite the conversationalist and comedian. She shared, “I love our conversations. This is such a fun age and you really get to see who they are and what their thoughts are on the world. I am very aware of how special this time is in her life. I feel so blessed to have a front row seat.” After her divorce with ex-husband Warren, she now happily co-parents and finds him to be a good friend. They talk every day about their daughter and they each visit her every day, even when she is at the others home.

As she says goodbye to the final season of The Office, she has a brand spanking new sitcom just around the corner. Dirty Blondes is based on her real-life friendship with Rachael Harris. They have been friends for 16 years and recently found themselves starting over in life. “(Our TV show) is full of honest, raw and hilarious moments when love may be blind but friendship isn’t.”

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