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Ask Dr. Marla: Milk production after weaning



I weaned my child four months ago. When can I expect to stop producing milk?


The answer to this question in a word is – variable! It really will depend on what your milk stores are like at the time you stop feeding. If for example, you do not have a lot of milk as you taper and wean, you may find you can stop quickly without engorgement and pain and dry up fairly quickly.

Because most feeding moms have a well established milk supply, when they wish to stop nursing, we suggest a more graduated approach. Usually milk will persist for weeks or in some cases months after you stop nursing. And in some cases, months after stopping you might still be able to express a bit of milk. Remember, if you keep expressing after nursing has stopped, the milk supply will continue. However, you might need to express a small amount to relieve any significant engorgement.

Some home remedies for drying up the milk include taking B6 daily or applying cabbage leaf compresses. I don’t encourage my patients to take any medications for this.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, May 2015.

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