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Astrology for kids: What to expect from Capricorn

Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are earth signs represented by the sea-goat and are wise, great with finances and highly empathetic.

The joke goes that Capricorns come out of the womb ripe with wisdom. Think of them as the grandparent of the zodiac sign. Often an old soul, the 10th sign is represented by a mythological creature that has a goat body and a fishtail. 

Born over the holidays, Capricorn’s calm temperament helps them feel well-adjusted to sharing the spotlight with other traditions. 

The earth sign is a doer and a saver. You’ll be in awe of them achieving their goals. Ever practical, they’ll justify purchases based on cost-per-use. Once they’re old enough for allowance, they’re the type to sock it away for a rainy day. Your money manager will be eager to earn, likely to be the first to get a paper route or shovel driveways. Their entrepreneurial spirit is matched by their desire to do their absolute best, no matter what the situation. There is no slacking on Capricorn’s watch. 

Creativity oozes out of them. They possess the patience and discipline to do great things, pulling on that wisdom to know that great things take time. Capricorn kids often grow up to be musicians, artists and CEOs. 

Grounded by their surroundings and senses, like touch and smell, Capricorns love to work with their hands. Looping back to art and music, it’s common to find a Cap painting intricate and delicate designs, picking up dedication-needed instruments and executing intense, multi-step recipes. 

These incredible traits help shroud a few of the negatives: That goat essence can produce some stubbornness. Because they’re so goal-oriented and practical, Capricorns can also be a bit emotionally cold. Let them warm up to you. Because they will and that love and loyalty will be serious. There’s not much better than a Capricorn’s love. They give everything their all, remember?

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