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Astrology for kids: What to expect from Aries

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Aries dates: March 21-April 20

There’s a theory that the sign you’re born under negates the life you’re on. For example, if you’re a Cancer, you’re on your fourth life, as it’s the fourth sign in the Zodiac. If this is the case, it makes perfect sense why your Aries might be a bit rash and impulsive. They’re on their first life cycle as the first sign of the Zodiac. But that’s not a bad thing, it just means that they’re the type to learn by doing. It’s also part of the reason for their competitive, need-to-come-in-first persona. They’re eager to take the lead and they’ll be punching out milestones faster than many other kids because of this drive. Crawling? Pshaw. They’ll be running in no time.

Mars rules Aries, and kids born under this sign tend to be happy, the life of the party and have a great sense of humour. But the fire in them shows up sometimes via their temper. If an Aries is upset, you’re going to hear about it. The good news is, that as quickly as the anger bubbles, things will go back to normal. In fact, don’t be surprised if they move on so quickly that when you bring it up, they might reply, “Why are you still talking about that?!” Sass comes naturally to them, too.

Aries excel at leadership and love to make a plan, but sometimes their impulse gets in the way and projects may fail to keep their interest. Don’t be surprised if your little spitfire wants to switch extracurriculars on a whim. It’s part of their passion (and something for which you’ll learn to love them!). Aries are always on the move. That’s because they think fast and are onto the next thing before you can blink. They’re brave and aren’t afraid of jumping into new things headfirst.

With the heat, comes a bit of resistance. Aries kids don’t always ooze affection like other little ones. While they are loving for sure, they might squirm out of your hug or make a weird face when you profess your love for them. But don’t take it personally.


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