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Back to Cool – Apps

Time to look at the three Es – enlighten, entertain and educate!


Two PEI moms, illustrator Kate Sharpley and preschool music teacher Julie Hughes, have combined to create a charming digital book, based on a song written by Julie. It tells the story of two children who find a packet of seeds, plant them and then watch as a fantastical menagerie takes root in their garden. Kate’s illustrations retain the tactile quality of cutouts, inducing kids to touch the screen and engage with the story. At press time a new version of the app was anticipated including the original music.
For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, available with the iBooks app.


This is the one of three apps based on the interactive treasure hunt book by Karen Guin Robertson that won a Gold Mom’s Choice Award in the U.S. Kids shape the hunt adventure by opening treasure chests that develop the story in thousands of different ways. The story can be read like a book, with text highlighting and audio narration as learn-to-read aids. Touchscreen effects allow readers to turn on lights and make skeletons’ teeth chatter.
Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, $4.99.


Parents and kids can play together while improving math skills from kindergarten to high school. That’s the claim of a new app, MathiGo, developed by Dr. Judith Bender who holds a PhD in applied math. Players can test themselves at basic math functions. When you choose your child’s skill level, up comes different game modes and options. Kid’s can progress at their own pace in both timed and un-timed modes. (Mad Minute is for those who want to time themselves.) Keeping score is an option.
Available for Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.

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