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Back-to-the-Future actress Lea Thompson: “I really respect my kids as people, and I always have.”

Back-to-the-Future actress Lea Thompson recently chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her two daughters, Madelyn, 22, and Zoey, 19, her daughter Zoey’s acting career, and her upcoming acting plans. When asked about her daughters, Lea shared, “Maddy is 22 and she is a musician, actress, and writer. She’s busy all of the time. She’s making an album right now and she just had a movie come out called 50 to1. She also wrote a movie called Fear of Spectacular Men and I’m trying to gather the money to make that movie.  My daughter Zoey was just the star of the Vampire Academy movie. She’s also auditioning and taking art classes. We’re all going to sing together at a benefit called ‘What A Pair’< on my birthday to raise money for breast cancer. We had our first rehearsal yesterday and it was really fun.  We’re going to have a great time.” When asked about their relationship, Lea said, “I’m super close to them. There is always a lot of interesting and intense talk about whether kids should be your friends or not. It’s a very personal thing and it’s all about how you interpret the word ‘friend.’  My kids are my friends.  If your interpretation of a friend is someone you go out and drink with, that’s not my interpretation of friend, in this instance.  They are my friends in the sense that I really respect them as people, and I always have.”

You can see Lea next in her ABC Family show Switched at Birth and Lea says, “I hope to do more directing of these shows.” She also has three new movies coming out, Left Behind, The Trouble with The Truth, and Ping Pong.


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