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Bird feeder

Bird Feeder - Parents Canada

You’ll need:

  • empty milk or juice carton
  • markers
  • craft foam
  • lanyard
  • wooden dowel or chopstick
  • scissors


1. Rinse carton.

2. Poke holes on each side of the carton about 3 cm from bottom, large enough to accommodate dowel or chopstick.

3. Depending on your child’s ability, carefully cut a rectangle opening in the front of the cart with a utility knife, or start the first cut for the rectangle and let your child do the rest of the cut using scissors.

4. Insert dowel or chopstick through holes.

5. Decorate outside of bird feeder with craft foam and other decals.

6. Poke hole in top and insert lanyard clip. Fill bottom with birdseed and refill when empty.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, July 2012.

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