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Candace Cameron Bure talks her Full House co-stars: “We all see each other on a pretty regular basis”

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure to talk about her new Christmas movie, her three kids and her relationship with her Full House co-stars.  When asked about her kids, Candace shared, “Maks is 11 and Lev is 13 and both play travel hockey. We’re at the rink 6 days a week and driving/flying anywhere between San Diego and San Jose on a regular basis for it.  So yes, I’m a total hockey mom! Natasha turned 15 this summer. She plays Varsity tennis for her high school. You could say our family is all about sports. When asked what kind of mom she is, she said, “I think my boys would say I’m loving and encouraging, then say I’m too mushy and kissy and a little dorky, but then say I’m pretty cool overall. Natasha told me ‘You’re an encourager, always telling us positive things and motivating us.  But you don’t hover. You teach us how to do things and then you let us do it on our own.”

So, does Candace keep in touch with her Full House co-stars? She says, “We all see each other on a pretty regular basis, so it’s never as much as a reunion for us as it is for the fans. Just days after the Starlight event, we were all at Dave Coulier’s house celebrating his birthday. The jokes are endless and so are my tears from laughing so hard.” What’s up next for Candace? “I’ll be kicking off Hallmark Channel’s Holiday season when my new Christmas movie ‘Let It Snow’ premiers Nov. 30th, co-starring, none other than my brother’s and my t.v. dad, Alan Thicke! My second book ‘Balancing It All’ hits shelves Jan. 1, 2014.

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