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Catching up with Scott Baio and his family

For over 30 years, Scott Baio has been captivating audiences in shows such as Bugsy Malone, Charles in Charge, and of course as the iconic heartthrob Chachi Arcola in the legendary television series Happy Days. 

Scott is lighting up the small screen again in Nick at Nite’s new family comedy, See Dad Run. Scott recently opened up to CelebrityBabyScoop about his adorable daughter Bailey and her Halloween plans:

“Bailey is doing wonderfully. Bailey is in preschool and she’s into everything [laughs]. It’s Halloween time, so she is pretty into skeletons right now. Bailey got a witch Minnie Mouse costume that has orange and black polka dots, and we will go trick-or-treating up in our neighborhood. There are hundreds of kids that come up here, so it is a lot of fun. 

She is a huge SpongeBob fan and coincidentally a big Nickelodeon fan. She also loves shoes, doing Bollywood dancing, and playing golf. She’s a very active little girl.

Bailey has a great sense of humor. She says and does funny things, and she looks at me in a funny way. Everything she does pretty much makes me smile and laugh.”

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