Chazz Palminteri dishes on the truth behind A Bronx Tale, fame, family and pasta

By Kara Mayer Robinson of on January 15, 2018

Hollywood icon and quintessential New Yorker Chazz Palminteri invites myself to sit down and talk at his Italian restaurant in New York City for what's been called his best interview ever.

The actor and writer shares stories behind A Bronx Tale, his classic film and Broadway play. You'll hear about

  • the night Robert De Niro showed up in his dressing room
  • how he feels about police officers
  • life lessons he got from his parents
  • why fame is like walking around with a loaded gun
  • how therapy has been key in his life
  • why there's an artist trapped in a street guy's body
  • and a critical fact about himself that he didn't learn until he was a father.


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By Kara Mayer Robinson of| January 15, 2018

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