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Christy Turlington shares her cause with her kids

From the catwalk and magazine covers to healthcare advocate, Christy Turlington has made it her mission to raise awareness about maternal mortality worldwide. The supermodel is the director of the documentary No Woman, No Cry, and she is the founder of Every Mother Counts. She recently shared how she told her kids about her cause:

“They were both quite small still when I began making NWNC, so I kept it very simple to start. I told them that I was helping to save mommies so that their babies could have them to take care of them. They seemed to get the importance of that straight away.

My daughter is particularly proud that it was her coming into the world that changed the course of my life to the extent that it has. My son is always just happy to have me when he has me, but he’s also very generous and doesn’t mind sharing.”

Read the entire interview here.

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