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Melissa Joan Hart adds baby Tucker to her all-boys club

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey star, Melissa Joan Hart. She and husband Mark Wilkerson welcomed their 3rd child, baby Tucker, 5 weeks ago.

Melissa says, ”Tucker has been an absolute joy and an amazing addition,” to her growing family with husband Mark Wilkerson and sons Mason and Brady. Many asked Melissa if she was hoping for a girl, but in fact, she was actually relieved it was a boy. Boy toys and clothes are what are familiar to her now. Although she has not ruled out trying for a girl next!

Melissa has also joined forces with “Merck for Mothers” and the “Once Upon a Birth” Campaign which celebrates the inspiring and touching moments of a mother giving birth to a child. Melissa points out that with all the medical advancements and technology available today, many women still die during childbirth and never get to see their children grow up. In fact, every day 800 women die worldwide during pregnancy and childbirth and 90 per cent of these deaths are preventable.

For every birth story shared, a donation is triggered by Merck to “Join My Village”, a program from CARE that empowers women and girls and supports safe pregnancies and deliveries. Visit the Merck for Mother’s Facebook page for more information.

Best wishes to Melissa and her new party of five!

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