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Days of Our Lives Actor Bryan Dattilo Gets a Sweet Father’s Day Surprise!

Days of Our Lives Actor Bryan Dattilo and his wife welcomed their first child, daughter Delila Cameron, on Tuesday, June 11th.

“Its a girl! I can’t believe it, it really trips me out- in a really great way… My wife is doing fine- she was so strong. She ‘womened’ up in a huge way, I was so impressed by her strength,” he tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

“My little girl’s name is Delila Cameron Dattilo, Cameron is my wife’s maiden name. It’s Delila with no H. It really does feel different this time around with a girl. My son Gabriel is 14 now, we call him the ‘human man child’ because he is almost 6 feet tall.”

Dattilo’s son Gabe is thrilled to be a big brother. “Gabe is very excited to be a big brother, he’s had lots of practice, he’s great with my nieces, so I know he’ll be great with her too. My son and I do such ‘guy things’ together so it will be interesting to see what’s on the way for me with a daughter. Gabe wants to teach her basketball- so it’s basketball and barbies I guess!”

“I was kinda hoping for a Fathers Day birth but I’ll take the 11th of June. Its one of my sister’s birthdays too, so it’s all good. I spent Fathers Day introducing Delila to the fine art of watching sports (Soccer, baseball, basketball and even golf).”

Bryan and his wife banked Delia’s umbilical cord blood with Cryo-Cell www.Cryo-Cell.com.

“I feel like we are starting things off on the right foot with this baby, we banked Delila’s umbilical cord blood with Cryo-Cell www.Cryo-Cell.com and our doctor was so impressed, saying that Cord Banking was so important and that she wished more parents did and knew of it, so I encourage expecting parents to get informed about Cord Blood Banking.”

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