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Debi Mazar shares tips on dealing with picky eaters

Actress Debi Mazar and husband Gabrielle Corcos can now be found making delicious Tuscan foods on their new Cooking Channel show, Extra Virgin. Mazar recently shared with Celebrity Baby Scoop, “Working together is a blessing. Together we’ve created something fantastic completely out of nothing. We’re always available for our kids and we can do lots of things as a family. We make it work by finding something special to do together whenever we have a moment.”

Mazar and Corcos recently made the move from LA to New York for the show. It was an adjustment for them and their daughters, Evelina, 10, and Guilia, 6, but everyone is adapting well. They are enjoying their new Brooklyn neighborhood, getting to walk to school, meeting up with friends and, of course, cooking together.

Gabrielle offered some advice to parents with picky eaters, “Never give up. Even when we’re busy all day, we make time to prepare a good, healthy dinner. Cook on the weekends; make sauces or soups you can freeze to have during the week. Find recipes your kids love and infiltrate them with ingredients they resist.”

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