• The Darkest Corners of Cyberspace: Protect your children!

    Cyberspace is a vast world that has the potential to be used with the best intentions, but also the worst intentions. Dangers that you should be aware of include Internet predators, Sexting, and Hate Sites.

  • How to: Keep your child safe on their portable devices

    Cell phones and mobile devices require just as much prudence as a computer would; don’t forget that many of the same functions performed on laptops can now be found on cell phones as well.

  • Risks on the Internet: is your child sharing unprotected information?

    Your child may not understand the implications of posting on the Internet, or copying a few sentences from a website; simple things such as file or music downloads could be a risk if they are not performed carefully. Ensure that yours is the child who has a commendable digital reputation by reading more.

  • Teaching kids to budget money

    Teaching kids to budget money

    Despite how many years children spend in school, most children are not taught about how to budget money, which is ironic since the ability to manage money is an essential life skill.

  • Consume less this Earth Day in eight simple steps

    Consume less this Earth Day in eight simple steps

    Teacher Sonia Satov provides eight simple but effective ways to cut down on waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and recycle and reuse common products without spending a fortune this Earth Day and year round.

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