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Egg shell spring lambs

Welcome spring with these great egg shell lambs.

You’ll need:

1 brown egg

1 long black pipe cleaner

cotton balls

googly eyes

black felt

white glue

pink felt or craft foam


1. Knock a small hole into the
wider end of a brown egg
and carefully break away
the edges, just enough
so the insides can be
emptied out into a bowl.

2. Wash out the eggshell
with warm water. Let dry.

3. Cut the pipe cleaner in
half. Bend each to form a
capital M (the sides form
the legs and the middle
‘V’ is glued to the body).

4. Glue each pair of legs
to the underside of the
eggshell, one near the
front and the other near
the back. (It may be
necessary to hold the
legs in place for a short
time until the glue starts
to set). Let dry.

5. Rip three or four cotton
balls into smaller pieces.
Dip small sections of
cotton into white glue and
place around the eggshell,
leaving enough space for
the face at the narrow end.
The cotton bits should
cover the area where the
legs meet the body and
the hole at the tail end.

6. Cut two ears out of black
felt and glue in place at the
top of the face area.

7. Glue two googly eyes and
a tiny pink felt nose below
the ears to finish the face.

8. Trim the legs to make the
lamb stand up. Use a tiny
piece of leftover pipe
cleaner to glue at the
back of the cottony body
for the tail.

Egg shell lamb craft 620x527 v2 - egg shell spring lambs

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2013.

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