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Emily Rose is in “Haven” with her baby news

Brothers & Sisters alum and Haven star Emily Rose is excitedly awaiting the birth of her first child. Rose and husband Dairek Morgan expect their first child – a boy – in late April. They announced the pregnancy last month in a fun, online video.

Emily, 32, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop, “I didn’t even realize I was pregnant originally because I wasn’t sick at all, I was just tired. I thought I was so exhausted because I had been filming…but surprise, I was pregnant!”

Emily hopes to have a natural childbirth. “I grew up in a family that had all natural births, so the idea of doing it naturally isn’t as scary to me,” she says. “I haven’t craved anything strange. I craved watermelon at first. Being in California, I crave In-N-Out, sushi, P.F. Chang’s and kale… but none of these together!”

She has been on hiatus from her show Haven and has spent time in Florida at her sister’s engagement and Kauai for Valentine’s Day.

Emily has a busy schedule ahead of her with her sister’s wedding, the baby, and prepping for Haven. “I feel really blessed to be on such a great show with such supportive people and also so blessed to be home with time to focus on experiencing this big chapter of motherhood with such great family and friends,” she says.

Best of luck Emily Rose!

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