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8 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

8 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts - Parents Canada

Get Dad what he really wants this year (hint: It’s probably not a tie). Read on for eight awesome gifts for all types of father figures.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Parents Canada

Nintendo Switch Sports
If Dad fondly remember Nintendo Wii, chances are he’ll remember Wii Sports. It was the best-selling Wii game of all time, with good reason. Light up his memory bank with this reissue for the Nintendo Switch, and be sure to carve out some time to play too. Game nights and new memories in the making! $50,

Silver tapletop pizza oven

President’s Choice Propane-Powered Pizza Oven 
Restaurant-style, flame-kissed, wood-fired pizzas at home? Dad’s doing it with the new propane-powered pizza oven from PC. A splurge, for sure, this compact oven is for outdoor-use only and is priced several hundred dollars cheaper than competitive models. But pizza isn’t the only thing you can make—use it for veggies and your fave summer proteins, too. $300,

Audio-Technics Refurbished Automated Turntable - Parents Canada

Audio-Technics Refurbished Automated Turntable
If Dad is proud of his record collection but never really has the time to enjoy it, this refurbed, portable player comes in under budget and will make it easy to move from room to room with his vinyl (so he can give a baby a bottle or play LEGO with a toddler while listening to tunes!). It can also be plugged into a sound system, a speaker, a computer and more. $95,

black slide sandals that say Reef

Reef One Biodegradable Slides
Easy-on sandals are a go-to Dad move. They’re perfect for putting out the garbage, surveying the neighbourhood, sussing the grass and walking alongside a wobbly cyclist on a two-wheeler. But maybe the best parts of these utilitarian slides is that they created no environmentally harmful methane gas in production, are machine washable and biodegrade at the end of their life. Nice. $40,

Box of smart wifi lightbulbs with colour-changing glow

NOMA iQ Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs
Listen, these aren’t just any lightbulbs and the dad who loves to control ambiance and the electric bill knows it. Compatible with Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa, Dad can control, schedule and dim the lights anytime and from anywhere. The multitude of colours are a fun addition. These voice-controlled bulbs even come with a 10-year warranty. $40,

Patio Leisure Adirondack Chairs
Traditional wooden Adirondack chairs (also called Muskoka chairs depending on where you’re from!) are often super-pricey and can be finicky to care for. These recycled plastic versions are a little less expensive and are easier to maintain, plus they’re comfy and they come in all different colours. $150 to $199,

Neon green swim trunks with a draw string

Pipe Trim Swimming Trunks 

Summer’s here and the water is calling. Never lose Dad at the beach again with these punchy, on-trend neon trunks. There’s also front and back pockets for all the dad things. $40, 

Silver moka pot stovetop coffee maker with black handle

Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker
This is the perfect gift for the Dad who loves a classic. Especially when it’s a rich cup of stovetop espresso. A real workhorse in the kitchen, this iconic Italian appliance will make mornings, afternoons and maybe even evenings tastier. $55,

Also planning to make Dad a meal to show how much you care? Check out our roundup of delicious summer recipes to pull together the perfect menu.

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