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Father’s Day bouquet bucket

My husband got me gorgeous personalized flower bouquets with the girls’ initials on them, so I thought I would give him the Dad’s version.

I started with a bucket, oddly enough it was given to my husband when he bought a case of beer. It was then spray painted black. I put some beer in it, because well it IS his favorite and it’s a nice filler of the bucket to make other stuff stand up.


I bought a few little trinket type tools at Home Depot. Right now there are a ton of sales and small packs of multi-piece toolsets for good prices. My husband would likely not buy these cheaper versions, but maybe they will become my own set in the house. 😉


I then made my bouquet. These are the tools (above), the beer and three ratchet straps. (My husband loves those). I just stuffed things where they fit and tried to get different heights.


Finally, I’m a giant dork and hot glued some nuts and bolts on cardboard and made these signs that say, “We are nuts a-bolt you”. Don’t mind the grade five writing with a marker I did there. I only had five minutes while the five-week-old and two-year-old were quiet.


Voila! My cheesy finished product.

Are you doing any DIY projects for Father’s Day?

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