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For all you animal lovers

Yesterday my family and I went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, for my husband and daughter this was their first time. I had been there as a child but didn’t remember much, so it felt like a new experience as well. My daughter LOVES animals so she was made to visit the fair. The best part (for her) was the petting zoo. It was a huge attraction for families since there was goats, sheep, lamas, geese, and cows plus you’re able to feed the animals all by yourself.

If you’re a real animal lover I’d suggest buying tickets to see Super Dogs and maybe some of the equestrian events but since this was our first time and our daughter is too young we opted out but there are plenty of other things to do plus LOTS of delicious food.

Go there early because parking can be pretty bad but well worth it for the fun you are going to have.

Rwf 2012 - for all you animal lovers

Rwf 201202 - for all you animal lovers

Rwf 201203 - for all you animal lovers

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